Lil Duval Has Always Been A Problem But Nobody Cared Until Now

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Lil Duval, known to most for being a not so funny comedian, has come under fire for his latest batch of fuckery. During an appearance on Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” on July 28, comedian Lil Duval said he would kill a sexual partner if he learned she was transgender. Lil Duval received backlash on Twitter following his comment.


Per DJ Envy, that was not known until a relationship started.

First, allow me to say that we have two TOTALLY FUCKED UP AND COMPLETELY DIFFERENT issues going on with this scenario. Only one will be addressed in this post though.


For the record, Lil Duval has ALWAYS been a fucking problem. ALWAYS.

His problematic and hateful behavior has only given people pause because THIS TIME his “jokes” targeted transwomen. Lil Duval’s murder jokes officially became unfunny and this shit evolved into an urgent matter. Somebody ring the alarm!


Everybody and their mother denounced this negro for his transphobic words. He didn’t back down nor did he apologize. But why would he?


This pot has been boiling over for some time now. This isn’t Lil Duval’s first rodeo with reference to him talking about who he would kill but because transwomen weren’t his victims previously, nobody really gave a fuck. Nobody was appalled. Where was the outrage in the black LGBTQ community when he said he would kill a woman for turning down his proposal? It was just another day in the not so fucking good life of sisters. And muthafuckas were eerily silent. As if we, black women, don’t contend with or lose our lives to male toxicity and fragility.

Lil Duval referenced rape victims as “lying bitches”. I don’t recall Janet Mock or Laverne Cox stepping forward to advocate for those victims or express to this dimwitted cocksucker that rape is traumatic and that the victims, often, suffer from depression and even physical ailments. NOPE… I didn’t see not one fucking protest. Yet here WE are with a litany of complaints and petitions to dispose of this nigga- who has always been a problem for black women. But because he has now become a problem for you, he deserves a special punishment.


Such shitty allies we have in all of you and I’m keeping score. My anger and disgust aren’t subsiding anytime soon and my fucks are becoming less and less.

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