Apparently, the dead has risen, y’all! Sidechick extraordinaire/ former White House intern- Monica Lewinsky has lost her damn mind. As if white women weren’t already trying my life enough in 2018, she has shown up to jump on what is left of my last good nerve. White people’s “victimhood” has certainly made its rounds in the first quarter of the new year but her freshly-penned letter stating that she’s owed an apology by Bill Clinton is peak trifling, ashen nonsense. Even with her expensive digs and new hair, Monica Lewinsky wears “victimhood” like a cheap dress.

For me, the issue isn’t even that she had an affair with a married man. Don’t get it twisted. Being a side chick is some fuck shit and being an adulterer (Bill) is even worse but some broad “allegedly” bringing two married men to the yard with her milkshake is at the very bottom of the list of things about which I give a fuck.


Ms. Lewinsky, at the ripe old age of 44, decided she would no longer own being a head doctor. In some twisted web of self-righteousness and delusion, she surmised the #metoo movement absolved her of any accountability for her actions. And that it included her because she was young and dumb. As if 20-something year-old women can’t consent to sucking off a guy because they want to. Girl, STOP. Surely, the former president is an influential and powerful man. We, also, know he wasn’t worth two dead flies as a husband but it was reported in 1998 that she said she was going to get “her presidential knee pads“. What part of the blame game is that?

What’s most appalling about this situation is how quickly other white women came to her rescue. We need to throw all of you away. How is it yet again white women have managed to help Monica Lewinsky usurp an entire movement built by a black woman to give victims a place to speak up by inserting that she was victimized by an older man because she sucked him off? That’s a hell of a reach but even her white, privileged arms are too short to box with God.


NO, Monica. You don’t get to fucking do that. You don’t get to be the delicate white flower today. In fact, YOU owe Tarana and Hillary an apology if anything. And they are not required to accept it either. You’d think 20 years would be enough time for you to have reflected on becoming a better woman and putting it into practice but not you. Instead, YOU opted to liken rape victims to manipulating, dick-hungry idiots who didn’t know they were making bad choices.

Comparing consensual sex to being raped is not only illogical but it’s shitty. It’s like eating a bag of dicks and calling yourself a vegetarian. Monica Lewinsky is clearly NOT a vegetarian.


She does not get to give consent and then take it back 20 years later. She is NOT a victim in any shape, form or fashion. She IS trash though.

Shit talking mami, bruja and problematic negra who writes. Búscame en and in these innanet streets.

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