Five Reasons Why I Couldn’t Care Less About Tupac’s “All Eyez On Me” Biopic

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Tupac Amaru Shakur is to rap what Elvis Presley is to rock n’ roll. Larger than life. A legend. A G.O.A.T. to some. Gen X-ers and older millennials relive their youth whenever his tracks are played posthumously. I’m positive that we all have a memory or two associated with Tupac and his neverending discography.


I know I’m late.

There’s no better way to salute Mr. “Thug Life” than to create an epic biopic, right? The film’s official release date was June 16th but it has been prescreened by celebs like Diddy and Suge Knight (Tupac’s former manager) and it’s garnering rave reviews.

Yay! I love to see black people win. But as much as this is a fact- I have zero interest in this film or Tupac.


*waits for the simultaneous gasp and the clutching of pearls*

Let me explain! Tupac has NEVAAAAAAAAAAH been my portion. His music, his life, the faux martyrdom and even the making of this film just lack the latitudinous scope that I look for in my black heroes.


I could go on for days about this but I shall spare you. Instead, I’ll just give you my five reasons why I couldn’t care less about this movie.

5. His Music Was Just OK.

Can we keep it “100”? Tupac had a few songs that were cool. But he was no lyricist. He wasn’t nice with the metaphors. *See freestyle with him and Biggie*


There isn’t a Pac album that I’ve heard where I just wanted to hear EVERY track. In fact, I didn’t want to hear half of the tracks.

I am still tormented by the memory of my younger sister overplaying his cd’s in her Chevy Cavalier in the 90’s.


4. Tupac Was A Poser. He Was NOT A Thug.

Black folks have given an unofficial pass to the self-proclaimed “real nigga” to front. Bandanas and tats does not a thug make. He seemed more like a lost little boy following Suge Knight’s every move. He was the perfect example of what happens when a person succumbs to peer pressure. He needed to do better.


3. There Was Too Much Drama Surrounding The Movie

John Singleton, in 2015, dropped out of directing the movie over “creative differences” with the producers. Singleton, who claims, to have been close to the rapper stated that they weren’t telling HIS story.


According to the interview with LT Hutton and Benny Boom on “The Breakfast Club”, the director, allegedly, wanted to add in Tupac’s infamously rumored prison rape. I remember this rumor but why would he, allegedly, want to do that?

And why are grown men cat fighting? Although Benny Boom DID keep it respectful.

I’m good. If I wanted a messy drama, I’d watch “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta”

“Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Joseline!”

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2. Niggas Get Shot Every Day B!

If you’re from Chicago, Detroit, Miami, St. Louis, or any other hood in America, you know someone who has been shot and killed. It’s a daily occurrence in urban life. Sad but true. Tupac has been given James Dean status for simply doing “nigga shit”.


If we aren’t giving passes for Rayray and’nem, there is, surely, no pass for Mr. Shakur. I know that hurts many of y’all to hear.

*in my best K-Ci and Jojo harmonies*

“Keep your head up!”

See what I did there?


And without further ado…

1. Tupac’s Many Issues With Black Women

Where do I start? He isn’t the first black man to have issues with black women and he won’t be the last. I believe, for as much as Tupac loved his mother, the fact that she was a crackhead at one point in her life caused him to carry disdain and resentment towards her. I don’t think he was conscious of it but it manifested in his relationships with other black women and those issues were never unpacked.


And black folks- Especially young brothers, glorified this hatred back unto us. I’m not here for it.

Nevertheless, I know this biopic will earn a pretty penny at that the box office. However, Negra’s coins shan’t be included.

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